Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Today, Kellie taught me how to drop spin :) Yay! I have got home and done a bit more and plyed it with some non-plyed wool I had... and the results were fab... Liquorice Allsort yarn!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 3 of the Jumper Challenge

The jumper is now at 11 inches, I am making it two inches longer than the pattern given that I am pretty tall, so two more inches and I can swap to white... the three rows and I can swap to pink and then it is the home straight - well the back anyway. Hopefully tomorrow my Noro wool will arrive and I am going to make and felt a buttonhole bag. I got some raspberry coloured wool for the handle and top section. I am pretty happy with making the jumper but I need some instant gratification, I think.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Day 2 - the jumper challenge

I worked on the sweater for a few hours today and it is about 9 inches in length, only 5 more and I can change colour! I am thinking maybe I should have bought another ball of the pink yarn incase.... I am just worried it might not be enough to do the sleeves too, but I think I have way too much of the main colour, so I might do the top of the arm in the main colour bluey, purpley, grey and then a thin white stripe and the bottom part in pink... that might look pretty. I dunno, we will see.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pictures of the jumper so far...

I tooksome pictures of my jumper so far, the second image has had the colour washed out so I can see the pattern of the ribbing which caused me so much trouble. Not because it was a particularly complex pattern (R1 - p2, k1 to end, R2 - K) but for some reason my counting was out :(

New Year... New Challenge

I was going to post my knitting back catalogue and I may at some point do that... I actually got the hat for Gary fnished and hopefully he will like it and it will come out looking masculine enough. It baby Aran in brownish/grey yarn with moss stitch and stocking stitch textured stripes. I botched the top but to be honest, but it looks okay.

Anyway, yesterday my knitting needles arrived for my jumper and I went out and bought the yarn. I am making it out of Rowan Calmer (which is cotton and very soft and snuggly) in a bluey purple colour called Joy that was half price in House of Fraser in Birmingham. It is going to have a thin white stripe and then a wide pink band and another thin white stripe. It is going to be made to the Under-the-Hood pattern from Stitch and Bitch Handbook. It is a lovely hoodie design.

So the jumper so far... I cast on about 5 times because I was struggling with the patterned rib... but I decided to turn off the TV and pay attention and I got the rib done and am on the easy bit now. Stocking stitch for 15 inches! I am using Addi circular needles in a 5mm and they are a pleasure to knit with and they are all silver and shiny and pretty :) This thing is going to take months, but I am enjoying having a project that is going to take time and be beautiful! I have sized it up... I wanted it looser than the one in the book, I like having a soft warm jumper I can slouch it!

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Craft Blog

Well here goes!

Having met the lovely ladies at Liquid bar I realised I needed a crafty blog to show off some of my work, so here it is.

I mostly knit and make felt monsters but I have been known to turn my hand to other things such as fimo and scrapbooking (with irony)

More to come once I have work out all the settings!